Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanksgiving, a Wedding, and an Update

Hello everyone. Here I am late at the keyboard again. Maybe I will start being more regular here soon. Well, anyway, here goes this post.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. My grandparents went to my aunt and uncle's new house in Chesapeake. We normally have Thanksgiving with all of them, but it was just too long of a drive so we had our friends the Pruiett's over. They didn't have any family to celebrate with so we had Thanksgiving together. It was very nice to be able to have them visit. After the meal we went for a walk down to the creek. They had never been down there so it was fun to take them.

It is a good walk. It is down hill the whole way there, and uphill the whole way back. It makes for a good exercise.

We also had another calf experience. Some friends of ours called and asked if we wanted this calf. It's mother was not giving enough milk, and they didn't want to bottle feed it (I don't blame them). I, not the kind of person to turn down free livestock, took them up on it. The calf was pretty healthy so I didn't think we would have a problem. That was Wednesday evening. On Saturday afternoon I went out to feed it and it did not act hungry. I felt that something was wrong, but figured it had just eaten a lot of grass as we had just moved it out on pasture that morning. Sunday it was almost dead. We think it got pneumonia. When we got back from church that afternoon, it was dead. Our former experience with a calf can be read here. I feel that through these experiences God was trying to tell us we were not ready for cows yet.

It was quite humorous when we put the calf out on pasture. We put it in with my ewe lambs. Ever since I separated them from their mothers, they have been total scaredy cats. Well, they did not think this big black animal (the calf) was a friend. They ran back and forth on the other side of the pen from her for a long time, and never did go near her. The calf didn't even pay attention to them. If you have been around sheep a lot I'm sure you know what I mean. It gave us a good laugh.

We had our last chicken processing a couple weeks ago. A friend of ours came to help. We really appreciated it. It was very cold, but we finished it before the snow started. I don't think I will go this late into the year next year. But hey, that's how we learn.

Saturday we went to our friend Meredith Alexander's (now Hammer) wedding. It was a great blessing to see. To read about their meeting and courtship click here.

The wedding was very formal. It was in a big church in downtown Richmond (Second Presbyterian). It was very pretty. It was very large, the church was almost full. There was probably around 400 people. One neat thing they did in the wedding was have little bell ringer girls. Right before Mr. Alexander and Meredith came down 28 little girls that are friends of the Alexanders came down the aisle ringing bells. Mary, my sister, was one of them. Other than that, the rest of the wedding was traditional.

There was a great organ player. The organ itself was huge.

Afterwards they had the reception at the Alexander's farm. It was much more informal. Once everyone had arrived they cut the cake and the Best Man (Stephen's brother) gave a speech. Then they had the food. The Alexander's cooked up one of their pigs. It was delicious. Then they had some real nice music while people ate. Afterwards, they had a small barn dance. That was a lot of fun. There was a lot of little children who thought it was fun when it was their turn to do an arch, to make the taller kids like us duck down real low to go through. Then Meredith and Stephen got in their car and left. Then it was time for us to leave.

I had an interesting experience when I was there. While we were waiting for Stephen and Meredith to arrive at the reception, a lady walked up and introduced herself. I don't remember her first name, so I will just use Mrs. (I don't typically use adult's first names anyway). So she walked up and said, "Hi I'm Mrs. Heffington." "Graham Donahue," I introduced myself. She began to look puzzled. "Graham Donahue. That name sounds familiar. Where do I know that name?" she said. "Well of course," she said," The Blog of Graham Donahue!" "O.K." My mother said, "Who are you?" "I'm The Gentleman From Virginia's mom," she said. Her husband was right there and he said, "And I'm his dad." Anyway she said she feels weird introducing herself as The Gentleman From Virginia's mom. She also made a good point that sometimes there are people that you know over blogs and such that you consider friends, though you have never met them.

Here are some photos:

So over all it was a great wedding (esp. for the bride and groom).

We had company coming that evening. Our friends the Bairds from Michigan came to stay the night. They had an RV so that was nice, seeing as how they have 8 children. It was so nice to see them again. It had been almost 8 years. The next day church was at our house so they stayed for that. They adopted all of their children so they were able to share some information on orphans and such.

Well that is about all I have for today.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Good to hear from you Graham- so how does it feel to be famous with people recognizing you all over the place ;)

    It was great seeing you last week.

  2. Great to see a new blog! ;-) Know you're busy, but some day the blogs will be your own journal of the trials and tribulations of trying to have a farm. You are doing well. Keep it up. Luv ya, Grandpa

  3. Okay, I know this prbably sounds really strange, but could you post a picture of yourself, because we went to the wedding also, and sometimes I read your blog, but I have no idea who you are. You're probably the person I danced with at the wedding, but I'm not sure. I was wearing a dark green dress. I'm Kelsey Butler, if you were wondering who I was. I'm not sure if hearing my name will help at all, but oh well. ~Kelsey

  4. Daniel,

    It was definitely a surprise being known by someone I had never met, but seeing as how it was your mother, and you and your sisters follow my blog, it was not quite so surprising.

    It was nice seeing you too.


    Yes, I am who you think I am. I had seen you all's blog before so I knew who you were. Sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm bad about that.


  5. Well, I didn't introduce myself either. The dances usually start so quickly that there is barely even time to find a partner! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. ~Kelsey